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Construct Name: Adherence
Definition of Construct: The extent to which individuals take their medications as prescribed by their doctor.

A person’s (usually a patient’s) actions that comply with the directions of a healthcare professional.
Related Content Area(s):
  • Cardiovascular
  • Risk and Decision Making
  • Smoking/Tobacco
Theoretical Foundation: Health Belief Model: a patients beliefs, benefits (real or perceived), barriers (real or perceived), and self-efficacy determine the actions (in this case, adherence) of health promotion (taking a prescribed medication or adhering to a treatment plan).

There has been a shift from using the term compliance, since it denotes a paternalistic relationship between provider and patient, to concordance and adherence, which create a partnership of understanding and trust and reduces coercion. Adherence involves patient cooperation, but the patient is informed and educated, rather than blindly following a provider’s directions. Concordance implies a synergistic relationship. Once provider and patient together remove barriers and the patient engages in self efficacy, adherence (health promotion) can occur.

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Similar Constructs: compliance, patient attitudes, trust, medication management
Keywords: medication-taking, adherence, medication adherence, EHR Candidate, TI-BG compliance, health promotion, health knowledge, patient attitudes, concordance Leeds Attitude Toward Concordance Scale “LATCon”
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