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Anxiety and Depression
General Information
Construct Name: Anxiety and Depression
Definition of Construct: Are there correlations of complex grief and negative affect associated with sadness, hopelessness, worry, and/or stress
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  • Cancer
  • Mental Health
  • Methods
Theoretical Foundation: Often these behaviors/disorders are disassociated with grief (Worden, 2009) and attachment (Bowlby,1980, Hazan and Shaver, 1973 and 1980) when in fact the dynamics of the human emotional state is too complex. We rely on Beck, 2009, and (REBT) rational emotive behavior therapy to understand and solve all problems. These cognitive therapies are good but it does not allow for patient collaboration in the treatment process. to help or understand these disorders they should be undertaken in the same manner a comprehensive program is developed, by first receiving the data. And in this case it is from client to client on a individual bases, because no two persons suffer the same way
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Keywords: EHR Candidate, anxiety, depression
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