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General Information
Construct Name: Penetration
Definition of Construct: "The integration of a practice within a service setting and its subsystems." Penetration is considered within the mid to late implementation stages. In addition to the individual organizational level, penetration may include the number of active providers from the total number of providers "trained and expected" to deliver the treatment/innovation.
Related Content Area(s):
  • Cancer
  • Mental Health
  • not specified
Theoretical Foundation: Glasgow and colleagues RE-AIM framework
Glasgow, R. E., Vogt, T. M., & Boles, S. M. (1999). Evaluating
the public health impact of health promotion interventions: The RE-AIM framework. American Journal of Public Health, 89, 1322–1327.
Similar Constructs: Sustainability, Reach
Keywords: Level of institutionalization; Spread; Service access; Dissemination and implementation; Process outcome, GEM-DI
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