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Stage of change
General Information
Construct Name: Stage of change
Definition of Construct: 1. a temporal dimension that allows us to understand when particular shifts in attitudes, intentions, and behaviors occur (Prochaska, 1992, p. 1107); 2. an ordered set of categories into which people could be classified... (Weinstein et al., 1998);
Related Content Area(s):
  • Alcohol and Safer Sex
  • Cancer
  • Physical Activity
  • Smoking/Tobacco
  • Stages of Change
  • Substance Abuse
Theoretical Foundation: TTM; PAPM; Health action process approach; Health behavior goal model; Rubicon model of action phases; Perspectives on change model; AIDS risk reduction model; Theories of delay in seeking health care.

For more information:
Similar Constructs: Behavioral intention
Keywords: GEM-HBT
Related measures

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