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Body Composition - FM, FFM, Visceral Fat
General Information
Construct Name: Body Composition - FM, FFM, Visceral Fat
Definition of Construct: Body composition (fat mass, fat free mass, and in some cases fat distribution) represent the denominators against which all measures of energy expenditure (EE) are expressed and is essential to any study of EE whether within- or between- groups. The choice of which measure of body composition to use is dependent upon the size of the study, the level of precision necessary to the outcome variable, and whether it is a cross-sectional or longitudinal studies. If the same subjects are studied multiple times in a longitudinal study, the accuracy of all measures, in particular those such as bioelectrical impedance analysis, it is essential that subjects be studied each time under the same circumstances such as fasting, after urinating, in a similar environment, etc.,.

Measures of body composition are described below in order from simplest and least costly to most detailed and most costly. Certain measures, such as isotope dilution, are not discussed because there is no inherent advantage in using them.
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  • Anthropometrics
  • Obesity
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