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CAM Demographics
General Information
Construct Name: CAM Demographics
Definition of Construct: CAM Demographics: Characteristics of study participant's (described as age, marital status, gender, religion, etc).

One item on participants’ date of birth, with response in numerical form [CAP3] (adapted from SCCS).

One item on participants’ marital status, with 6 responses ranging from married to a member of an unmarried couple [CAP3] (adapted from BRFSS 2011).

Two items on number of full brothers and full sisters, with numerical response [CAP3] (adapted from SCCS).

One item on participants’ gender, with response as male or female [CAP3] (adapted from SCCS).

One item on participants’ religion, with responses of Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Pentecostal, Christian or none [Cancer Patient Quality of Life Survey Trinidad Tobago] (adapted from Cancer Patient Quality of Life Survey Trinidad Tobago).

1. Black Ethnicity (NA | SA | European | African | Caribbean)
2. Race
3. Hispanic ethnicity
4. Education
5. Marital Status
6. Employment status
7. Job classification
8. Gender category

One item asks to have birth date reported in numerical form (DAY/MONTH/YEAR).

Four items regarding marriage and marital status.
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  • Anthropometrics
  • Cancer
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