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General Information
Construct Name: CAM SES
Definition of Construct: AC3:
One item on participants’ highest level of education, with 7 responses ranging from never attended school/only kindergarten to graduate school [CAP3] (adapted from BRFSS 2011).

One item on participants’ annual household income, with 8 responses ranging from less than $10,000 to $75,000+ [CAP3] (adapted from BRFSS 2011).

Two items on participants’ current employment status, with 9 responses ranging from employed for wages to disability/worker’s compensation and occupation as a write in response [CAP3] (adapted from BRFSS 2011).

One item assessing participants’ current household ownership status, with responses as own, rent, or other arrangement [CAP3] (adapted from BRFSS 2011).

One item on participants’ number of persons in the household, with response as numerical amount for adults (18 yrs+) and less than 18 yrs old [POSCARE] (adapted from XXXX).

One item number of rooms in participants’ house, with response as numerical amount [POSCARE] (adapted from XXXX).

One item on participants’ living arrangement and social support, with 4 responses ranging from live alone to assisted living facility [Cancer Patient Quality of Life Survey Trinidad Tobago] (adapted from XXXX).

1. Education
2. Employment status
3. Job classification

one item on educational attainment.

one item on average monthly income (country-relative answers)

one item describing current occupation/logest held position

one item on employment status
Related Content Area(s):
  • Anthropometrics
  • Cancer
  • Education, Training, and or Career Development
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