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CAM Physical Activity
General Information
Construct Name: CAM Physical Activity
Definition of Construct: AC3:
Seven items assessing participants’ past month of physical activity or exercise outside of regular daily activities, indicating the types of physical activity/exercise performed most often and second most often, if applicable, with responses in written form; determining the frequency of the exercise, with responses in times per week or per month and the duration of the exercise, with responses in hours and minutes [CAP3] (adapted from BRFSS 2011).

One item on participants’ strengthening exercises, with responses indicating times per week or times per month the activity is performed [CAP3] (adapted from BRFSS 2011).

Frequency and average duration of exercise weekly, counting only the exercise done during free time and not exercises due to your job or housework.

MADCaP: 5 items regarding physical activity during work and leisurely activities.
Related Content Area(s):
  • Cancer
  • Physical Activity
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