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Caregiver Preparedness
General Information
Construct Name: Caregiver Preparedness
Definition of Construct: The self-perceived level of preparedness for the tasks and stress of a caregiver role.
Related Content Area(s):
  • Cancer
  • not specified
  • Pregnancy
Theoretical Foundation: This construct was originally derived from role theory. In role theory, the anticipatory socialization to a role impacts role enactment and performance (Burr, Leigh, Day, & Constantine, 1979). Through a serious work in the field, Harvath, Archbold, Lucas, & Stewart (1986) found that caregivers learned their role while in it. Therefore, the focus of this construct now is on caregiver's appraisal of how well-prepared they are, not when they learned about the role.
Similar Constructs: Caregiver self-efficacy, mastery.
Keywords: Preparedness, Caregiver, Caregiving starin,
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