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Assessing Readiness for Collaborative Service Delivery
General Information
Measure Name: Assessing Readiness for Collaborative Service Delivery
Measure Type: Scale
Construct: Collaborative Service Delivery
Primary Content Area: Education, Training, and or Career Development
Secondary Content Area:
Brief Description: These are TTM-based measures that assess employees' stage of readiness for collaborative service delivery (CSD) by asking questions on stage of change, the values of CSD, and decisional balance. The measures are a staging algorithm and decisional balance.
The staging algorithm assesses employees' readiness for collaborative service delivery. It begins by stating the definition of CSD, then asks participants to rate their intentions to get involved or for how long they have been involved in CSD. The action criterion is participants must say they have been involved in collaborative service delivery, according to the specific definition written above, but for less than six months. Response options range from 1="never" to 5="repeatedly."
For decisional balance, the Decisional Balance Inventory by Velicer et al. (1985) was used. It asks employees to rate the importance of 10 pros and 10 cons in their decision to get involved in CSD. Response options ranged from 1="not at all important" to 5="Extremely important."
Target Population: business/organization employees
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Self-Administered
How Administered:
Measure Characteristics
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