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Autonomous Forms fo Behavioural Regulation (Intrinsic Motivation)
General Information
Measure Name: Autonomous Forms fo Behavioural Regulation (Intrinsic Motivation)
Measure Type: Scale
Construct: Intrinsic motivation
Primary Content Area: Physical Activity
Secondary Content Area:
Brief Description: All variables were phrased specifically to be congruent with the behaviour in terms of action (physical activity), context (when I am at home, at my work or in my leisure time), target (for at least 15 minutes three times per week) but not time. Assessment of autonomous forms of behavioural regulation were based on the work of Pelletier et al. (1995). Intrinsic motivation to accomplish was assessed through two questions representing `interest to learn athletic skills' and `interest to do well in physical exercise tasks'. Intrinsic motivation to experience stimulation was assessed via three questions dealing with feelings of enjoyment, excitement and fun associated with physical activity. All items were measured on 7-point scales. Because the present study targeted active and inactive populations those who did not participate in physical activities for at least 15 minutes, three times per week were asked to report their motives to exercise hypothetically (e.g. if I were to take part in physical activities . . .).
Keywords: physical activity, intrinsic motivation, behavior, HBT
Target Population: Four hundred questionnaires were randomly distributed to full-time employees on a university campus, and 50 questionnaires were distributed to railway employees, both groups being located in the south-west of England. A further 50 questionnaires were distributed to employees in a workplace in North Yorkshire, England. All questionnaires were circulated and collected by mail. The final sample consisted of 102 adults, representing a 20.4 percent response rate. The mean age was 39.96 years (S.D = 10.66) with males (n = 51) and females (n = 50) equally represented. One participant was unidentified by gender. With respect to the occupation of the research participants, 25 were involved in manual work (cleaners, porters etc.), 31 in academic work (lecturers and researchers) and 46 in academic-related or administrative work (secretaries, librarians etc.).
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Self-Administered
How Administered:
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