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Attitude (8 items)
General Information
Measure Name: Attitude (8 items)
Measure Type:
Construct: Attitudes
Primary Content Area: Physical Activity
Secondary Content Area:
Brief Description: Eight 6-point semantic differential items were used to measure attitudes in response to the following statement: for me, doing physical activities for 20 minutes at a time at least three times per week in the next fortnight is . . .'. The four affective attitude items used the following endpoints: happy-sad, enjoyable - unenjoyable, pleasant-unpleasant, and satisfying-unsatisfying, and the four items tapping instrumental attitudes had the following endpoints: useful-of no use, worthwhile - not worthwhile, valuable-worthless, and important - unimportant.
Keywords: Affect, Instrumental Attitudes, physical activity, HBT
Target Population: Two samples of university students and employees volunteered to participate in the study. Participants were required to complete a self-report questionnaire containing study measures for either dieting behaviour or leisure-time exercise behavior. For the exercise sample (N = 596; 344 women, 252 men; mean age = 26.81,.SD= 10.71), the target behavior was defined as vigorous physical activities such as sports and active pastimes that raise your heart rate/pulse and make you breathe deeply for 20 minutes at a time". Two weeks later the participants completed a follow-up questionnaire to assess their self-reported level of dieting behaviour or vigorous physical activity in the previous fortnight.
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Self-Administered
How Administered:
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