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Arizona Food Frequency Questionnaire
General Information
Measure Name: Arizona Food Frequency Questionnaire
Measure Type: Index
Construct: Food intake
Primary Content Area: Nutrition
Secondary Content Area: Obesity
Brief Description: The Arizona Food Frequency Questionnaire (AFFQ) is a modification of the NCI Health Habits and History Questionnaire (HHHQ) food frequency component. It has been tested for reliability as well as relative validity in two studies. This semi-quantitative, scannable 175-item food frequency questionnaire takes 45-60 minutes to complete and asks respondents to report how often they usually consume each particular food over the specified period (i.e. 3, 6 or 12 months) as a number of times per day, week, or month and to indicate whether their usual portion size of that food was small, medium, or large compared to people of their same age and gender. Vitamin/mineral supplement use information is collected and modification questions assess dietary behavioral practices related to fat consumption to each line item in the food list. The database contains over 800 foods and output is provided for 91 nutrients in addition to 34 derived variables such as percent of DRI, grams of red meat, grams of cruciferous vegetables, etc. The data is available in several formats including daily nutrient totals, nutrients per individual foods, vitamin/mineral supplement intake values, number of servings of specific foods, and food groups. The Behavioral Measurement and Interventions Shared Resource at the University of Arizona Cancer Center offers the questionnaire in both English and Spanish and provides services for data analysis of the form.
Keywords: food frequency questionnaire, FFQ, dietary assessment
Target Population: Adults
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Self-Administered, Researcher
How Administered: In-person, Postal mail
Measure Characteristics
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