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Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS-11) The Barratt Impulsiveness Scale is a common measure of individual differences in impulsivity. It can...1. Mental Health Impulsivity/Self-Control Rate This!
Beck Anxiety Inventory, The The BAI is a patient-completed 21-item measure in which 14 items cover somatic symptoms and seven re...1. Mental Health
2. Stress
Anxiety Add More Info
Beck Depression Inventory, The There are three versions of the BDI. The original 1961 instrument was revised in 1978, and revised ...1. Mental Health Depression (2) The Measure
Big Five Inventory (BFI) Aimed to be briefer than other measures of the Big Five. Uses short phrazes instead of single adject...1. Mental Health Personality (Big-Five) (1)
Big Five Inventory 2 (BFI-2; long form) This is a revised version of the original Big Five Inventory. It has been refined and expanded to me...1. Mental Health Personality (Big-Five) (1) The Measure
Breast Cancer Fear Scale Scale captures reports of physiological arousal (i.e. heart rate) and also subjective aspects of fea...1. Mental Health Worry Rate This!
Brief Battery For Health Improvement 2 Standardized, multidimensional measure of pain, measures of depression, anxiety, function, somatic c...1. Pain
2. Mental Health
Pain and Health Psychology Inventory Rate This!
Brief COPE Abbreviated version of the COPE inventory developed in response to impatience experienced by those g...1. Stress
2. Mental Health
Coping (2) The Measure
Brief Resilience Scale (BRS) The brief resilience scale (BRS) was created to assess the ability to bounce back or recover from s...1. Mental Health
2. Obesity
Resilience Rate This!
Brief Worry Scale Assesses the frequency and intensity of worry. Scale from "never" to "all of the time" or from "not ...1. Mental Health Worry Rate This!
Brief Worry Scale About Smoking 4 item scale focused on the intensity of worry (e.g. "I worry about my health because of my smoking"...1. Mental Health Worry Rate This!


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