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Adolescent Self-efficacy for Reducing Sedentary Behaviors A seven-item measure to assess confidence for reducing sedentary behaviors. Items address: 1) turnin...1. Physical Activity
2. Obesity
Self-efficacy (HBT) (1) The Measure
Affective Attitude Concepts from the TPB were assessed at T1 for moderate and vigorous PA separately regarding the refe...1. Physical Activity Attitudes (1)
Anticipated Regret (2 items) Anticipated regret was measured by two items: ‘If I did not exercise at least six times in the next ...1. Physical Activity Anticipated regret Rate This!
Anticipated Regret (3 items) Three item measure. Seven point scale (Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree). The psychosocial determ...1. Physical Activity Anticipated regret Rate This!
Arizona Activity Frequency Questionnaire The Arizona Activity Frequency Questionnaire (AAFQ) is a 59-item scannable questionnaire available i...1. Physical Activity
2. Obesity
Physical Activity Behaviors Rate This! The Measure
Armitage's Behavioral Intentions toward Reducing Smoking intention was measured with three items: “I intend to quit smoking in the next 2 months definitely d...1. Physical Activity Behavioral intention Rate This!
Armitage's PBC toward Reducing Smoking 7-point scale, five questions (e.g., “I believe I have the ability to quit smoking in the next 2 mon...1. Physical Activity Perceived Behavioral Control (HBT) Rate This!
Armitage's Subjective Norms toward Reducing Smoking 7-point scale, Subjective norm was operationalized using three items: “People who are important to m...1. Physical Activity Injunctive norms (formerly subjective norms) Rate This!
Armitage's Temptation to Smoke 9 items, 5-point scale, 3 questions x 3 categories: positive affect (e.g., "at a party"), negative a...1. Physical Activity Control beliefs Rate This!
Attitude (6 items) Attitude, subjective norm, perceived behavioral control, and behavioral intention were all measured ...1. Physical Activity Attitudes Rate This!
Attitude (8 items) Eight 6-point semantic differential items were used to measure attitudes in response to the followin...1. Physical Activity Attitudes Rate This!
Autonomous Forms fo Behavioural Regulation (Intrinsic Motivation) All variables were phrased specifically to be congruent with the behaviour in terms of action (physi...1. Physical Activity Intrinsic motivation Rate This!


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