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Developing a Global Cancer Stigma Index (RAND/LIVESTRONG)

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In 2011, LIVESTRONG partnered with the RAND Corporation to develop a global cancer stigma index to inform the development of cancer awareness campaigns by identifying the key areas in which a population could benefit from education to change perceptions and address misinformation. The index may also ultimately be used to rank countries based on their level of cancer stigma. The first year entailed developing the draft stigma scale using literature on stigma measurement in the context of a range of health issues (e.g., HIV/AIDS, mental health, cancer) and testing an English-language version of that scale in two countries in the Middle East. Year Two, the present stage, includes expansion of that development and testing, including use of an alternative mode (i.e., GEM) to translate the scale into Spanish. While we are employing traditional approaches to translate and test the cancer stigma scale in English, Arabic, and Chinese, we are using GEM to help with Spanish translation of the scale. We are inviting a community of researchers who have a vested interest in the measure and its translation as well as those in a position and who have an interest to evaluate the quality of the translation in terms of accuracy and to inform on cultural relevancy through the GEM platform’s discussion board.
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