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About GEM
About GEM

What is GEM?

GEM is an interactive website containing behavioral, social science, and other scientific measures organized by theoretical constructs. GEM enables researchers to collaborate with others, encourages the use of common measures, and facilitates the sharing of harmonized data.

  • Users contribute to the virtual community by adding or editing meta-data about constructs and measures.
  • Users rate and comment to drive consensus on best measures.
  • Users search for constructs (e.g., anxiety, depression), see definitions, view theoretical foundations, and download associated measures.
  • Users search for measures and see attributes (e.g., definition, associated construct, target population, author, reliability, validity)
  • Users download and share datasets using GEM measures and constructs

Goals of GEM

GEM enables users to collaborate with their peers to build consensus on the use of common measures and to facilitate broad-scale data sharing and harmonization.

What are the Benefits of GEM?

GEM allows users to interact with each other in an online environment. Based upon a wiki platform, users contribute to the web site by adding and editing information about measures and associated constructs, and by providing feedback and ratings on the measures and constructs in GEM.

GEM’s web-based platform makes it easy to interact with others and lets users provide feedback on the measures that they think are best. Through commenting and rating, GEM users can participate in an ongoing consensus building process aimed at improving the science of behavioral medicine by increasing the use of common measures across studies.

In this era of “Big Data” when more information is available than ever before, standardizing measures used across studies and sharing harmonized data collected in those studies is the key to capitalizing on the benefits of Big Data for scientific progress.

GEM database snapshot...
  • 1462 Measures
  • 497 Constructs
  • 30 Active workspaces
  • 122 Datasets documented
Last updated: 09-27-2010   Version: 4.0.0
Why Use GEM?
  • Find measures for your research that are rated highest by other researchers
  • Gain access to shared data resources
  • Network with other researchers to form new collaborations
  • Be part of a community working to catalyze progress in scientific research
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If you have any questions about using GEM, please contact the GEM Help Desk:
Phone - 888-335-3883
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