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Expended Energy (EE)
General Information
Construct Name: Expended Energy (EE)
Definition of Construct: Measures that describe one or more components of energy expenditure. Twenty four hour Energy Expenditure (TEE), consisting of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), the Thermic Effect of Feeding (TEF), and Activity Energy Expenditure (AEE), can be calculated or measured or some combination of these methods. The measure chosen depends upon the size of the study, the body composition measures that are available, the desired precision of the study, and what component of energy expenditure is of relevance to the study, Under most circumstances, EE is expressed relative to body composition to allow comparison between groups or within groups before and after some sort of intervention that may alter body weight or composition. It should be noted that regressions relating EE to body composition, such as FFM, have non-zero intercepts. Therefore, it is possible that between or within group differences or similarities in the ratio of EE to body composition may not accurately reflect whether or not there is a significant deviation from the regression line. An alternative method is to calculate the predicted energy expenditure based on the regression relating EE to body composition in subjects at baseline or in another group and then apply it to the post-intervention subjects or a different group. The differences between the measured and predicted values (residuals) compared to a predicted value of zero will avoid any type 1 or type 2 statistical errors due to the non-zero intercept of the regression.
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