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Social Support (support from social network)
General Information
Construct Name: Social Support (support from social network)
Definition of Construct: A general rubric that encompasses at least three distinct types of support: perceived support, enacted support and social integration. Perceived support is the subjective judgment that family and friends would provide quality assistance with future stressors. Enacted support reflects the same kinds of assistance as perceived support, but emphasizes specific supportive actions, whereas perceived support emphasizes the stressed person's judgment that such actions would be provided if needed. Social integration refers to the number or range of different types of social relations, such as marital status, siblings, and membership in organizations such as churches, mosques or temples.
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  • Cancer
  • Mental Health
  • not specified
  • Nutrition
  • Obesity
  • Physical Activity
Theoretical Foundation: According to the Stress and Coping Theory, social support promotes health by protecting people from the adverse affects of stress. It does so by promoting more adaptive appraisals, more effective coping or both. Social-cognitive perspective; social control perspective.

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