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Charleston Heart Study, 1960-2000 (ICPSR 4050)
General Information
Dataset Name: Charleston Heart Study, 1960-2000 (ICPSR 4050)
Data Collection Mode: Web
Collection Period: 1960   to   2000
Number of Observations:
Keywords: Demographics, health status, depression
Description: The Charleston Heart Study (CHS) represents data collected over a 41-year period (1960-2000) in order to provide an understanding of the natural progression of aging in a community-based cohort. In 1960 the CHS began enrolling a random selection of community residents who were 35 years of age and older -- including men and women, Black and White. The primary hypothesis of the original study was to investigate racial differences in the manifestation and risk factors for coronary disease. Over the ensuing 40+ years, a variety of outcome measurements were incorporated into the re-examination of the participants, including psychosocial, behavioral, aging, and functional measures. As a longitudinal study, the CHS allows for the study of the risk factors, correlates, and consequences of aging, while simultaneously allowing for exploration of racial disparity in the manifestation of putative risk factors and outcomes. The CHS began with baseline data and added a special cohort of Black men. In subsequent years three separate follow-ups were conducted. The data include death information for respondents and background characteristics (age, race, sex, occupation, education, and marital status).
Organizational Home: Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
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