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Annenberg Tobacco Risk Study, 1999: [United States] (ICPSR 3049)
General Information
Dataset Name: Annenberg Tobacco Risk Study, 1999: [United States] (ICPSR 3049)
Data Collection Mode: Web
Collection Period:
Number of Observations:
Keywords: Tobacco use, substance use, demographics
Description: The aim of this survey was to understand how well young people in the United States appreciate the many risks of smoking tobacco. To this end, 14 to 22-year-olds were interviewed about their views and practices concerning smoking. The survey elicited opinions on the health risks of smoking, including heart disease, lung cancer, shortened life spans, adverse birth outcomes caused by smoking during pregnancy, and the dangers of secondhand smoke. Respondents were asked if they thought tobacco was addictive, helped keep one's weight down, made it easier to relax and have a good time with friends, and if one should be allowed to smoke as a matter of personal choice. Smokers were asked how long and how much they smoked, which brand of cigarettes they smoked most, and if they considered themselves addicted to tobacco. The survey also gathered information on age, sex, education, race, and Hispanic origin.
Organizational Home: National Addication & HIV Data Archive Program
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