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2010 LIVESTRONG Survey for People Affected by Cancer
General Information
Dataset Name: 2010 LIVESTRONG Survey for People Affected by Cancer
Data Collection Mode: Self-administered, Web
Population: Adult cancer survivors and adults otherwise affected by cancer
Collection Period: June 2010   to   March 2011
Number of Observations: 12037
Keywords: Cancer, survivorship
Description: 2010 LIVESTRONG Survey for People Affected by Cancer

Survey Design and Characteristics
The 2010 LIVESTRONG Survey for People Affected by Cancer built upon the 2006 LIVESTRONG Survey for Post-Treatment Cancer Survivors.

The 2006 survey instrument was designed through a process that engaged both cancer survivors and experts in the field of survey methodology and oncology through peer review, focus groups and a pilot test. After a thorough gap analysis that examined the response patterns of survey participants and the content covered in the 2006 survey conducted by the RAND Corporation, overall, the 2006 instrument was noted to have very few gaps. In general, the analysis showed that most of the items performed well and would be worth retaining in the 2010 survey instrument. Further, the results of a review of other large-scale studies of cancer survivors (Baker et al., 2005; Beckjord et al., 2008; Zebrack et al., 2006) suggested that there were no notable gaps with respect to the areas covered by these studies and the 2006 LAF survey. In fact, LIVESTRONG’s emphasis on a wide variety of medical issues and the survey’s inclusion of employment and education-related concerns were noted as relative strengths. Therefore, the content of the 2010 survey intended for post-treatment cancer survivors was largely consistent with the 2006 instrument.

The 2010 survey instrument was divided into five sections. The first three sections focused on physical, emotional, and practical concerns in the post-treatment survivorship period and therefore were intended only for post-treatment cancer survivors. The fourth section included questions for anyone with a personal history of cancer (including survivors currently on treatment). The fifth section included questions for anyone affected by cancer.

The survey opened on June 20, 2010, in conjunction with the release of Parade Magazine’s issue devoted to cancer survivorship. The Spanish version of the survey launched in February 2011 and both versions of the survey remained open through March 31, 2011 and were available exclusively online. The study was reviewed and approved by the Western Institutional Review Board. A total of 12307 provided responses to the survey (4286 post-treatment cancer survivors; 820 cancer survivors in active treatment; and 6931 people without a personal history of cancer).

The survey instrument was available on as well as LIVESTRONG constituents were notified about the survey through LIVESTRONG emails as well as through Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, LIVESTRONG reached out to many of its community, national and international partner organizations and all state cancer coalitions to provide information about the survey. Finally, LIVESTRONG worked with comprehensive cancer centers, such as members of the LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence Network, to share the survey with their constituents. All of these organizations were provided with a toolkit that included content for a newsletter, an email, a flyer, a Tweet and a Facebook post.
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