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Hunger and Satiety Visual Analogue Scales
General Information
Measure Name: Hunger and Satiety Visual Analogue Scales
Measure Type:
Construct: Hunger and Satiety (Subjective Appetite Sensations)
Primary Content Area: Obesity
Secondary Content Area: Nutrition
Brief Description: Ratings of subjective appetite sensations, which reflect the motivational drive to eat, can be made using visual analogue scales (VAS). VAS are typically used to measure subjective ratings of hunger, fullness, desire to eat and prospective food consumption, but a range of scales have been employed, and a composite score can be created from individual scales.

VAS typically use 100 mm horizontal lines anchored at each end with the extremes of the subjective feeling, e.g., "not at all hungry' (0 mm) and "extremely hungry" (100 mm). Multiple measures are taken across the day at repeated time intervals (typically between 10 and 60 minutes). Paper and pen VAS have been used traditionally, but numerous electronic methods now exist that have been validated against the paper and pen method.

VAS are best used in within-subject, repeated-measures designs where the effect of different treatments can be compared under similar circumstances.
Keywords: Appetite, hunger, fullness, visual analogue scales
Target Population: Adult humans
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Self-Administered
How Administered: In-person
Measure Characteristics
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