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Leptin, Amylin, Adiponectin
General Information
Measure Name: Leptin, Amylin, Adiponectin
Measure Type:
Construct: Biomarkers - Energy Homeostasis
Primary Content Area: Nutrition
Secondary Content Area: Obesity
Brief Description: Circulating levels of Leptin, Amylin, and Adiponectin are related to peripheral fat stores. The measurement of long-term (tonic) appetite-regulating hormones may help provide a physiological explanation for changes in subjective appetite and food intake during longitudinal weight loss trials. These measures should ideally be performed in combination with subjective appetite sensations to provide a psychobiological explanation of the motivational drive to eat that underlies any changes in food intake.

There are a number of analysis techniques that can be employed to measure such peptides e.g. RIA and ELISA, and the recent development of ‘multiplexing’ techniques has allowed the measurement of a large number of peptides in a single assay. As such, these analyses are becoming more cost effective and useful in large-scale, longitudinal studies.
Keywords: adipokines appetite energy balance
Target Population:
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Researcher
How Administered: In-person
Other/Uncategorized/To-be-decided: Biological
Measure Characteristics
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