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TEE, REE, TEF, and AEE by indirect calorimetry
General Information
Measure Name: TEE, REE, TEF, and AEE by indirect calorimetry
Measure Type:
Construct: Expended Energy (EE)
Primary Content Area: Obesity
Secondary Content Area:
Brief Description: Indirect calorimetry is the measurement of rates of CO2 production and O2 consumption which can then be translated into calories consumed per minute. Indirect calorimetry can be used to measure, in order of precision, REE, TEF, TEE, and AEE. While it is very expensive to construct the metabolic chamber that would permit assessment of TEE over a 23 hour period, REE measurements can be made using a portable indirect calorimeter which can be used to measure REE and TEF but not TEE or AEE. The limitation of chamber calorimetry is that because subjects are confined to a limited space, there is an underestimate in the measure of AEE which must be corrected for if there is a desire to estimate what TEE would be in a free living subjects. So indirect calorimetry may not be idea for studies focusing on behavioral aspect of energy expenditure (how much time and effort is spent being physically active). Indirect calorimetry, either with a chamber or a portable device, is the most precise means of assessing energy expenditure and should be utilized in smaller studies, in particular intervention studies. If chamber calorimetry is not available or is too costly, measurement of REE by indirect calorimetry is still worthwhile and can be linked to an estimate of physical activity.
Target Population:
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Researcher
How Administered: In-person
Other/Uncategorized/To-be-decided: Biological
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