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Multiple Interviewer Administered 24hr Recalls
General Information
Measure Name: Multiple Interviewer Administered 24hr Recalls
Measure Type: Derived
Construct: Usual dietary intake
Primary Content Area: Nutrition
Secondary Content Area: Obesity
Brief Description: The objective of the 24-hour dietary recall is to estimate total intake of food energy (calories), nutrients, and non-nutrient food components from foods and beverages that were consumed during the 24-hour
period prior to the interview (usually midnight to midnight). The 24-hour recall multipass protocol consists of developing an initial "quick list," where the respondent is queried about all the foods and beverages consumed during the day. This is followed by detailed probing questions about food preparation, additions to food, and amount consumed organized by eating occasion. Respondents are also queried about forgotten foods; these represent food in categories commonly omitted in 24-hour recall reporting. The 24-hour recall ends with a final review, where any other item not already reported can be added. The 24-hour recall usually takes 30 minutes but can be highly variable. Intake of dietary supplements for the past 24 hours can also be queried.

Software is available to guide the interview, e.g.,
Keywords: Energy, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, dietary patterns
Target Population: All age groups
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Researcher
How Administered: In-person, Telephone
Measure Characteristics
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