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Waist to Hip Ratio, Waist Circumference
General Information
Measure Name: Waist to Hip Ratio, Waist Circumference
Measure Type: Derived
Construct: Anthropometry
Primary Content Area: Obesity
Secondary Content Area: Anthropometrics
Brief Description: Both the absolute amount of central fat (1,2) and the relative amount of fat distributed in central versus peripheral fat depots (3,4) have been shown to be predictive of multiple adiposity-related comorbidities and may affect intervention response (5-7). Both of these measures have been reported to correlate closely with visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue measured by DXA (suggested) or MRI (8.9). To minimize variability in WHR, it is critical that investigators utilize uniform landmarks, with waist circumference measured at the iliac crest and hip circumference measured at the level of the trochanters as utilized by the National Center for Health Statistics in National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey studies (10). It should be noted that the abdominal circumference measured at the midpoint between the inferior border of the ribcage and the superior aspect of the iliac crest has been reported to be a better correlate of central adiposity in some studies (11). However, the NIH method is recommended to allow for better comparisons with existing National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and other data.

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11. Ma W, Yang C, Shih S, et al. Measurement of waist cirucmference: midabdominal or iliac crest? Diabetes Care 2013;36:1660-1666.
Keywords: waist, hip, circumference, ratio
Target Population:
Mode of Administration: Who Administered: Researcher, Third-party (proxy)
How Administered: In-person
Other/Uncategorized/To-be-decided: Anthropometric
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