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  Measure History   
General Information
    Measure Name:Define this Social Support and Eating Habits Survey
    Measure Type:Define this Scale
    Construct:Define this Social Support (support from social network)
    Primary Content Area:Define this Nutrition
    Secondary Content Area:Define this
    Brief Description:Define this Originally, published in 1987, the purpose of the study was to develop measures of perceived social support specific to health-related eating (and a separate survey for social support and exercise behaviors). In Study I, specific supportive and nonsupportive behaviors were identified through interviews with 40 individuals making health-behavior changes. In Study II, items derived from the interviews were administered to 171 subjects.

Later, the initial 36 item survey (available in reference), was shortened to the 10 item survey provided here. The abbreviated survey was designed to be easier to use than the original, complete scale reported in Preventive Medicine (see reference tab).
    Tags:Define this GEM-DI
    Target Population:Define this
    Mode of Administration:Define this Self-administered

Author Information
    Lead Author First Name:Define this James
    Lead Author Last Name:Define this Sallis
    Degree:Define this PhD
    Author Affliliation:Define this University of California San Diego
    Address Line1:Define this
    Address Line2:Define this
    City:Define this
    State:Define this
    Zip:Define this
    Country:Define this
    Telephone:Define this
    Email:Define this

    Version Date:Define this 1996
    Measurement Development:Define this Initially developed as a longer survey, in conjunction with a social support and exercise survey, in 1987, it was later revised and abbreviated for easier use into two separate 10 item surveys.

Measure Characteristics
    Number of ItemsDefine this 10
    Response Category Format:Define this Likert Scale
    Validity:Define this Social support scales were correlated with respective self-reported dietary and exercise habits, providing evidence of concurrent criterion-related validity
    Reliability:Define this Both test-retest and internal consistency reliabilities were acceptable, and six factors can be used as subscales. A measure of general social support was not related to the specific social support scales or to reported health habits.
    Psychometric Properties:Define this
    Scoring Algorithm:Define this In scoring either the complete or abbreviated scales "8" should be recoded to "1."
The abbreviated Social Support for Eating Habits Survey should be scored separately for family and friends.
Encouragement: sum items 1 -5
Discouragement: sum items 6 -10
    Data Sharing Capability:Define this
    Public Availability:Define this
    Language Used:Define this

References & Publications
ReferencesPubMed IDComment
Sallis, J.F., Grossman, R.M., Pinski, R.B., Patterson, T.L., and Nader, P.R. (1987). The development of scales to measure social support for diet and exercise behaviors. Preventive Medicine, 16, 825-836. 
    NOTE: When identified, original source is listed in the first row.

Measure Document
    File Name: Sallis et al_socialsupport-eatinghabits.pdf

    Revised by: Peyton Purcell, National Cancer Institute
    Revision Date: 9/25/2012 11:49:02 AM
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