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Shared Decision Making (NCI)

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In the last twenty years, numerous studies have empirically examined decision making processes and outcomes in clinical settings. One of challenges that the shared decision making (SDM) research community faces is a paucity of standardized measures of the SDM antecedents, process, quality, and outcomes.

The GEM-Shared Decision Making Workspace (GEM-SDM), a project initiated by the National Cancer Institute's Process of Care Research and Science of Research and Technology Branches, is intended to facilitate discussion in the research community about priority SDM antecedent, process and outcome measures. Specifically, this project aims to identify measures related to shared decisions taking place in a clinical setting, involving patients and health care providers, and is limited to acute (one-time or very infrequent) decisions, as opposed to frequent or often recurring decisions.

GEM-SDM allows the research community to contribute their own SDM measures in the workspace and to provide feedback on the suggested measures. Measures added to the GEM-SDM workspace may include observational or self-reported measures examining the antecedents, process, quality, and outcomes of interactions between patient and medical providers (example: decision quality, prevalence of SDM in various clinical settings.)

The goal of this project is to build consensus around SDM measures for use in future studies, increase standardization of measurement, and promote data harmonization across studies. Increased use of standardized SDM measures will enable comparability across future studies and help the research community articulate research agendas in SDM.

Useful Links & Documentation
NameDescriptionTypePosted ByDate Posted
GEM-SDM presentation at 2013 SBM Meeting Presentation of GEM-SDM results by Kobrin, Tanaka, and Han at the 2013 Society of Behavioral Medicine Meeting Rick Moser7/31/2013
SDM Conceptual Framework  application/pdfRick Moser7/31/2013
Link to the GEM-SDM orientation webinar.pdf.pdf  application/pdfSana Naveed11/27/2012
GEM-SDM Webinar and narrative 10-26-12r.pdf.pdf  application/pdfSana Naveed11/27/2012
GEM-SDM flyer 101812.pdf  application/pdfDave Garner10/19/2012
GEM-SDM Schedule of Webinars - October 2012.pdf  application/pdfBrian Keefe10/15/2012
GEM-SDM schedule.pdf  application/pdfDave Garner10/12/2012
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