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Distress Measurement Initiative (GEM-DM) (NCI)

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Recent research reviews of distress measures indicate that multiple measures are used across a variety of research and clinical settings. There is a lack of understanding of which measures are being used in which contexts and an inability to promote the use of common measures to facilitate data harmonization and knowledge synthesis.

GEM-Distress Measurement (DM), a project initiated by the National Cancer Institute’s Behavioral Research Program, provides a mechanism to determine the use of measures in different contexts and elicit feedback from the research and practice communities. Subsequent work would build on the collaboration between research, practice and policy, to provide objective data to help researchers and clinicians make decisions about the ‘best’ measures of distress and to promote data harmonization.

With the new Commission on Cancer (CoC) guidelines requiring accredited cancer centers to implement distress screening by 2015, this initiative will help bring insight and order to this important area.

Useful Links & Documentation
NameDescriptionTypePosted ByDate Posted
GEM-DM Measure Descriptions GEM-DM Survey Description of Measuresapplication/pdfRick Moser11/15/2013
Parry et al. Distress screening article from JPSO  application/pdf 4/19/2013
How to Navigate GEM 4-18-2013.pdf  application/pdf 4/19/2013
GEM-DM Steps to Rate 4-18-2013.pdf  application/pdf 4/19/2013
Canadian Partnership Against Cancer--Guide to Impl  application/pdf 4/19/2013
programstandards2012.pdf  application/pdfSana Naveed1/4/2013
distress.pdf  application/pdfSana Naveed1/4/2013
Carlson Distress Review.pdf  application/pdfSana Naveed1/4/2013
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