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Accumulating Data to Optimally Predict obesity Treatment (ADOPT) Core Measures (November, 2017)
Workspace reports
REPORT 2A - Workspace Comments & Ratings Summary Summary of measure comments and ratings for measures associated with a workspace.
REPORT 2B - Workspace Contributors (Comments & Ratings) List of contributors to a workspace (Comments & Ratings)
REPORT 3A - Workspace Meaure Summary (w/ Aggregates) Summary of measures associated with a workspace with aggregates.
REPORT 3B - Workspace Measure Comments Listing of comments associated with workspace measures
REPORT 4A - Workspace Construct Summary Summary report for constructs related to workspace
REPORT 4B - Workspace Construct Comments Listing of comments for constructs associated with a workspace
REPORT 5 - Workspace Subscribers List of current workspace subscribers.
REPORT 6 - Workspace Constructs & Measures List of constructs and measures currently associated with workspace.
REPORT 7A - Workspace Comment Summary Summary of users commenting on the measures associated with a workspace.
REPORT 7B - Workspace Ratings Summary Summary of users rating measures associated with a workspace.
REPORT 8 - Workspace Measure Summary Summary of measures associated with workspace by construct
Report 9 - Workspace Survey Summary Summary count of surveys submitted by users of this workspace.


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